So. This is a static page that’ll change around now and then. The idea is to keep topical climate-related news on the website, on this page, The best place to see accessible climate information at any time is at NASA’s website here. My personal science website, which summarizes some of the work I did at Caltech, is here.

But today’s news has to do with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Congresswoman Ocasio Cortez won election in the fall. She’s the youngest woman to serve in congress, and a Democratic Socialist.

Today, Congresswoman Ocasio Cortez has released a ‘new green deal’. We’ve needed to implement global policy to address anthropogenic climate change for decades. There’s been progress here and there, but sweeping reform has not yet happened–and Cortez is serious about changing that–at least in the US.

There’s blowback to her plan, but also a lot of enthusiasm. Here’s a link that is beginning to nicely summarize the proposal. Here’s another take.  This one provides lots of legislative context (and an overview of past inaction). Here’s another.  My thought is this: The Deal is a great step, it’s generating conversation, and change can’t come soon enough.