Involved Author storytelling

If you’ve ever taken a crack at storytelling, you know a story can be told by a narrator, by a character, or by several characters. It can be told in first-person narration, or second person, or third. I went downstairs, where my brother was waiting. He never trusted me to take care of these things… Continue reading Involved Author storytelling


Something that’s really exploded over the past twenty years is the number of exoplanets—planets outside our solar system orbiting distant stars and pulsars. Unlike discoveries of new comets and asteroids, which sometimes happen through ‘citizen science,’ exoplanets are discovered by astronomers dedicated to the task. In the 1970s, such planets were thought likely to exist,… Continue reading Exoplanets

Where did 2021 go? 

2020 stretched on forever. 2020 felt like three, four, five years—of waiting. A planet full of people waiting, and all of us focused on one thing: coronavirus. In early spring, the pandemic was declared, and we tried to figure out what that meant to us personally. We acclimated, and adapted, and communicated, and researched, and… Continue reading Where did 2021 go?